22nd January 2019

Reasons why your diet might fail

I’m sure all of us have been on some kind of diet in our lives. Some of us trying all sorts of latest fads and quick fixes to lose those pounds or fit into smaller clothes sizes.

Studies show that 2 in 5 people will quit their diet within just 7 days and only 1 in 5 people will last 1 month on their diet. But why is this?

A lot of diets require us to massively restrict our intake and completely cut out the foods we love. This is the main reason why diets don’t last. The key is finding a healthy balance of steady weight loss whilst still enjoying the foods we enjoy in moderation.

Many diets have such low calorie intake that we can be left feeling lethargic, constantly hungry and lacking in motivation. A healthy diet should in fact have a positive impact on our bodies, leaving us feeling energised, improve our sleep patterns and help with mental health.

Here are some key points on your journey to finding a healthy, sustainable diet whilst hitting your targets:

Aim for steady weight loss, 1-2 pounds per week is a guide for those looking to lose body fat.

Stay hydrated, hunger can often be confused with dehydration.

Eat 5 small meals/snacks per day, regular intake of food can help to stabilise blood sugar levels and curb cravings. Include plenty of varied vegetables in your meals.

Increasing protein intake helps us to feel fuller for longer.

Do check the nutritional information on foods such as yoghurts, cereals and sauces. Although often labelled as healthy foods they can be high in sugar.

Treat yourself once per week to your favourite foods and ENJOY this! We should never feel guilt over the foods we love.

Incorporate 3-5 exercise sessions into your weekly schedule. Find what you enjoy, this may be walks in the countryside, swimming, dance classes or hitting the weights in the gym.

Most of all enjoy the process of eating foods that help you to feel healthy and energised. Find what works for you and stay focused on the reasons why you started your journey to a fitter, healthier you!

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Much Health and Love, 

Kelly Sephton