Kelly’s Kitchen


Chocolate & Tahini Protein Balls

Tahini, a great alternative to using nut butters! These protein balls are great for pre or post workout, or a little protein snack to get you through your day!

Carrot Cake Protein Balls

These delicious and healthy carrot cake protein balls are the perfect snack to consume at any time of the day!

Ginger & Cashew Nut Protein Balls

Perfect mid morning or pre workout snack! Good luck trying to only eat one, they are VERY moreish!

Pistachio Nice Cream

Dairy free ice cream yumminess with a hidden ingredient to boost nutritional content!

Chocolate Mandarin Protein Bowl

Yummy low sugar, protein filled brekkie to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Espresso & Peanut Butter Brownies

These brownies are gluten free and delicious! To be enjoyed whenever, wherever!

Vegan Protein Cookies

Little nibs of happiness.

Sweet Coconut Rice Balls

Guilt-free, coconut delights.

Sugar & Dairy Free American Pancakes

Proper pancakes any time of day.

Protein Breakfast Muffins

Packed full of protein.

Low Gluten Apple Muffins

Delicious dairy-free, low gluten apple muffins.

Coconut Love Bites

Feel the love with these sweet treats.

Berry Burst Smoothie

A refreshing start to your morning.

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