5th June 2019


Bloating is the excessive tightness and fullness within the stomach. It results in an increase in size of your belly which often feels tender and causes discomfort and pain.

Causes of Bloating:

The most common cause of bloating is an excessive build up of gas within the GI tract. It also occurs due to the disturbance within the GI muscle movements. Bloating can also occur due to increased fluid retention which is common in women during their periods. I know a lot of my bloating issues are a side effect of having Endometriosis.

Tips on How to Ease Bloating:

Eat small and frequent meals. Avoid large heavy meals. Finish eating when you feel full, before you get to the point of feeling stuffed.  

Find out if you suffer with any food intolerances and allergies. The most common ones are from foods such as dairy, gluten and wheat.

Avoid consumption of carbonated drinks which can increase the chances of bloating.

Try cutting down a little on high fibre foods. They are important in our diet but can cause gas formation in some individuals.

Consumption of fatty foods can also result in bloating so cut down on eating such foods. 

Cut down your intake of artificial sweeteners. They can cause a lot of gas and discomfort when consumed in larger doses. 

A digestive enzyme supplement may be useful to accompany a healthy diet. These can help to break down specific food components.

Avoid being constipated as it can exacerbate bloating. Ensuring you stay well hydrated by drinking  the recommended daily amount of water every day can help to avoid constipation. Also regular exercise can help to avoid such symptoms.

Gas released by bacteria within the gut can result in bloating. If this is the case, consuming probiotics can help. Antibiotics can upset the bacteria in our systems so balancing it again using probiotics may be something to consider. 

Bloating can also occur due to the malfunction in our digestive muscles. In such conditions, antispasmodics may help. Peppermint oil is a natural substance that could help in this instance.  

Certain yoga poses can help in relieving bloating such as child’s pose and happy baby pose. Gentle stretching of the core area can bring relief to. 

Gentle abdominal massage can also help in relieving bloating. Using a relaxing essential oil mixed with a suitable carrier oil can really help to relax you and your tummy. 

Even just having an understanding of why we are bloated can help us to deal with it. An idea is to note down the days you feel more bloated and see if you notice a pattern with relation to the time of the month, stress levels, tiredness or food and drink consumed around the same time. 

If you are concerned about your digestive health or bloating is consistently becoming an issue for you then I advice to consult your GP.

Happy tummy happy you!

Much Love and Health,