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5th June 2019

Bloating is the excessive tightness and fullness within the stomach. It results in an increase in size of your belly which often feels tender and causes discomfort and pain. Causes of Bloating: The most common cause of bloating is an excessive build up of gas within the GI tract. It also occurs due to the […]

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My Top 3 Exercises for Stronger Legs

5th June 2019

All you need is a step and some weights! If you are at the gym you can use a barbell or dumbbells and a box or bench to step up on. If working out from home you need some form of weight to add resistance to your exercises and a sturdy chair or high step […]

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Top Tips on how to keep your sweet tooth under control!

18th March 2019

OK so there are only a few of us, perhaps the lucky few that don’t have a sweet tooth!  That NEED to have something sweet and satisfying after your savoury food or indeed before your savoury food! The evenings where you crave something sweet. The moments of stress when all you want to do is […]

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